FAQs for Tenants

How do I schedule a showing?

Scheduling a showing is simple. Just send us a request with a preferred time and date to view the home. Go to Request a Showing

How do I know if one of your homes is still available?

Our site is constantly updated and kept current. If a property is listed on our site then it is currently available. Please do not call to ask if a property is still available.

How do I know when the house is available to rent?

Our website lists the date when the property will be available to move in.

Who has to submit an application?

Each adult over 18 years of age that intends to live in the premises must submit an application. There are no exceptions.

How do I submit an application?

Click on Tenant Application for details. The application link can be found on the details page of each specific property listing. When you fill out the application, you are applying to that specific property.

Simply enter your information in our easy, automated form. Complete the required fields and provide payment. A payment confirmation screen will appear with a link to an authorization form for your employment and landlord verification. Complete the link and submit your information for the background check.

That’s it! We do the rest!

Is there a charge for the application?

Yes, the application fee is $50.

Can I provide an online payment for my application?

Yes, the secure site will ask you to pay with a credit or debit card.

How long does the background check take?

Results of credit history are typically returned within 24 hours. Employment and Landlord verification can take up to 2 to 3 business days. Please note that we need a completed application to perform all background checks.

How do I know if my application was accepted?

A representative from Twin Cities Home Rental, Inc. will notify you via email no later than 7 days after the application has been received. Please note there is turnaround time for the background check, owner review of the file, non-business days such as weekends, etc. Please plan accordingly as there is no guarantee that a check can be processed any sooner than 7 days.

Yes! I’ve been accepted, now what?

A representative from Twin Cities Home Rental, Inc. will contact you to discuss move-in date, walk-through, issuance of keys, etc.

Move in to your new house and enjoy!