Professional Home Rental and Property Management in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area

Available 7 days a week, 365 days a year in order to take care of any issue that may arise with your rental property.



Brochure Fee Schedule

Full Service Property Management

No technical fees

Placement fees:

$89 Monthly (only charged when Occupied)
80% placement fee
20% renewal fee
$50 per month Zillow Advertising Fee, Only while advertising

The TCHR Exclusive Advantage

Performance based. Pay NOTHING until we find a qualified tenant!

For monthly management fees, lease fees and lease renewals, please call (612) 822-4663 or email [email protected]

The TCHR Guarantee!

If for any reason, the tenant we place in your property is evicted during the first 12 months, we will waive our fees for finding you a replacement tenant.

Placement Only Services

  • No technical fees
  • $50 per month Zillow Advertising Fee, Only while advertising

Placement fee:

100% of first months rent
*Tenant Guarantee does not apply with placement only services.

Rent to Own

Our sister company, One Source Realty, facilitates all lease option contracts for a 2.7% commission upon a successful closing of the lease option contract. No commission fees until after the deal is closed!

Watch our video for more information about our property management services!



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